About Our Message

We invite you to browse the following pages dedicated to our message, which contain a rich collection of news, speeches, videos, press releases and more exploring our achievements in leadership, culture and technology.

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About Our Culture

Our Guiding Principles of Leadership establish a shared vision of our culture, and through our innovative programs in recognition, education, wellbeing and continuous improvement, we engage and equip each of our associates along this journey.

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About Our Business

Through our vision of “Achieving Principled Results on Purpose,” we are creating a business legacy by blending our unique focus on people-centric leadership with disciplined operational strategies and purpose-driven growth.

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The Fastest Shrink Sleeve Seamer-AccraSeam™

The Stanford AccraSeam™ shrink sleeve seamer is the fastest on the market, accurately seaming material while holding industry lay-flat tolerances at 600 m/min (2,000 ft/min). Equipped with fully-automated lay-flat adjustment, servo-based tool positioning, and lay-flat monitoring with full reporting, the AccraSeam™ sets a new standard in shrink sleeve converting.

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